Friday, October 27, 2006

take shorts

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Ughh..Nice Watch (???) has a massive Jermaine Dupri mixtape for the general public.

Though his beef with Dre and Timbo a couple years back made him look like a damn fool, it's hard to say he's been given his due. I mean, he did produce the bulk of the two best-selling albums of '04 and '05. I'm in no position to speak on his legacy as the pioneer of softbatch R&B, but I will say this: nobody is fuckin with "Welcome to Atlanta". Let's not even get started on "Jump".

Things took a turn for the worse for the dude this week, but let's be honest, being the head of urban music at a major label is not that good of a look anymore. I mean, they're letting Capo do it at Warner.

But on the real JD, you know what else is lookin less and less like a good idea? Banging Janet Jackson.

Just sayin.