Sunday, October 01, 2006

new money

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Records lie.

For example, as I gear up for an annoying day of football afficionados extoling the virtues of being the Undefeated Baltimore Ravens, I'm really not concerned with McNair and 'em. Dude looks real old, plays real old, and even the generally dominant defense has looked a little old. Their character has nothing to do with their record; in the real world, dudes are holding on to a slim 2-0. Today's victory showed some class, but these are the games you win when your quarterback is an established vet who is not Kyle Boller. B-more's graduated out of the dumpster, but it's not sustainable.

The Browns are growing into the Bengals of a few years ago as I predicted. Today's redemption over The Team Which Jerry Porter Hath Forsaken was nice. The opening loss to the Saints is no longer as embarassing as it was two weeks ago, and last week's stolen victory against the Ravens doesn't really look like a fluke, does it? They're young, they're well-coached, they need a running back, but they're only going to get better. And, come December, they are going to seriously fuck up somebody's playoff couch. Braylon Edwards will totally pee on your whip. Their schedule is alot of "whoa" and "hmm" so I'm not seeing big numbers, but they're better than 1-3.

The Bengals' loss today was nothing special, just an old-fashioned ass-whooping by a more experienced team. Who dey? We dey, and the Patriots also dey. Laurence Maroney, as dey, you are entitled to a free cookie with your meal at Eat'n'Park. Just a heads up. I thought I sort of liked the Bengals on some friendly rivalry, but nah, today was the first time I've ever rooted for the Pats.

And the Jets. Whoa. I'm not expecting a great run from D'Brickashaw and the posse, but they got the best rags-to-riches story going this year. Dudes didn't even have a running back a month ago. They traded for Lee Suggs. And now they almost pulled some miraculous shit against the two teams to beat of the last five years in football. I like it.