Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Let's all roll a 01001 and get 110110 up

After how ever many decades and thousands upon thousands of lyrics and videos, uptight Americans have caught wind of what you can do with those cheap cigars that they sell in the gas station. And they're mad as hell about it. In Philly no less. Apparently there's also a City Council hearing on Tuesday where they are discussing a ban on blunts in gas stations and convenience stores. The Daily News' Elmer Smith interviews an anti-Dutchie crusading ex-cop named Jerry Rocks (not making that up) who explains what happened when he asked a Sunoco clerk about twistin him a Backwoods:

"He showed me 20 boxes of blunt wraps," Rocks said. "He said they'd be gone by Tuesday. This is big money."

In the words of Frank White in King of New York, "you think ambushing me in some nightclub's gonna stop what makes people take drugs? This country spends $100 billion a year on getting high, and it's not because of me. All that time I was wasting in jail, it just got worse. I'm not your problem. I'm just a businessman."

This is just what we need- some ex-cops going into neighborhoods where more males go to jail than to college and saying that blunts are the problem. These are neighborhoods where nobody has a choice but to send themselves to the black hole that is the Philadelphia Public Schools. These are neighborhoods littered with guns, predatory lenders and bad meat. Blunt wraps? Please.

[Daily News: And they do what with it?]