Friday, October 06, 2006


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The frog is Vast Aire.

Hot off the e-presses, the new new from Def Jux for the next year. El-P is hard at work at I'll Sleep When You're Dead (aka I'll Shave When Trent Reznor Gets Out the Bathroom). Aesop Rock is apparently taking time off from escorting the crazy girls of CSS to apparently drop some new shit in May. Unfortunately, there is no Party Fun Action Committee on the docket, a fact sure to upset their fan club.

I don't have a whole lot of faith that there will ever be another proper Cannibal Ox LP. Vast Aire and Vordul Megullah apparently belong to the Black Star School of Perpetual Sophomore Album Delay, except without the fame, fortune and slightly embarassing acting that actually gives Black Star an excuse to be tardy. I'm concerned that the two Can Ox solo projects might have alerted Vast and Vordul to the fact that they need El-P for success, and that they can't do it alone. The Cold Vein was awesome because the beats were five-star masterpieces and the bleak, confused and often unintelligable rhymes coalesced around introspective discussion of pigeons. Straight-ahead rap for these dudes is not a good look. But the new tracks on Return of the Ox were aight, so prove me wrong next year, dogs!

And the Funcrusher Plus 10 Year Anniversary jawn is just mind-blowing because I can't believe that shit's a decade old.

Here's the total line-up:

Jan - V/A Definitive Jux Presents vol. 4 - ltd. edition full length 2xLP
Feb - El-P I'll Sleep When You're Dead CD & 2XLP
April - Rob Sonic Sabotage Gigante CD
May - Aesop Rock TBA Full Length Album CD & 2XLP
June - Camutao TBA Full Length Album CD & 2XLP
July - Cage TBA Full Length Album CD & 2XLP
August - Company Flow Funcrusher Plus 10 Year Anniversary and Concert DVD CD+DVD
October - Cannibal Ox TBA Full Length Album CD & 2XLP