Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i'll drink you under the table

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big in japan

A smattering of internet jumps from the last couple days. Special guest post on this weekend's EPMD reunion forthcoming. (Q: So whatcha sayin? A: SAYIN.)

-Scarlett Johansson to record album of Tom Waits covers

-Public Image, LTD - Careering

-San Quinn p/ DJ Toomp - Bring the Game to the Table
A hidden gem dug up from XXL's Bangers section. "What U Know" was a warning shot, Toomp demanding attention after some incredible shit on TI's last two joints. And after making "White House," the only track on Port of Miami on which Rick Ross can be taken seriously, and the wild new Jeezy single, maybe it's time to start paying a little more attention to DJ Toomp. The only problem is that I'm running out of adjectives besides "epic" and "triumphant" to describe his beats.

-7 Train Tagged in Service
Read deeper in the thread and you find out every train operator has to clear their train paint-free before leaving the depot. 80's throwback hysteria!

-Bing Ji Ling
Streamable cover of Huey Lewis's "I Want A New Drug" inna Jamiriquai stylee.

-Paul Wall visits Sierra Leone
Scroll down to the bottom for more details. The discoball in his mouth insinuates armless shorties. (Also: Lil Keke's new single is called "Candy Tricycles"? Whoa.)

-Far Too Many Robots
"Hip-Hop shouldn't be about womanizing and money. Real rap is poetry set to lip-smacking rhythms, with killer riffs and rhymes that'll make you go mmmm...I'll wet you like H20. If you learn to love it, I think you'll find everyday is like waking up after a great, great dream."

Is it 1998 dude?