Tuesday, October 03, 2006

green and gold, like the a's is playin

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Playoffs, eh? A's at Twins, like, right now. Between the Deadspin live blog and MLB Gameday, I'm pretty happy.

(I was literally about to point out that Zito is throwing a no-hitter, but then Rondell White hit a double. Rondell White. Ouch.)

I like the Twins, and not just because of the jokes (Santana's town, and, at least last year, "who?" "Jacque Jones!" "who? "Jacque Jones!"), Bat Girl (and her Legos), or their jaw-dropping comeback this year. (side note: Jim Leyland, you up on Guided By Voices?) My boy Pat, a person who, should I be elected president would definitely serve on my cabinet, is from the Twin Cities (which is to say, he REPS MINNESOTA). And while I was living with dude (no ayo), I adopted the Twins as my AL team of choice. He taught me all about the horrors of Christian Guzman, the fake walls with steel beams which haunt Torii Hunter's dives, and put me on to the fact that the grizzled Terry Mulholland was, at the time, still playing. So I became a Twins fan.

And now, having seen Carlos Silva's hair, I have yet another reason.