Thursday, October 12, 2006

Girl you know it's true

I know some thangs:

-Remember your boy who paid a 7 or 8 year old kid 25 bucks to bean his retarded t-ball teammate so that they could, uh, bring glory and honor to, er, something? Well, your boy, Mark Downs ("Downs," oh the irony) is getting a Bruce Lee-type slap on the wrist. He'll be serving the manditory minimum for picking on the mentally disabled within 100 yards of a t-ball game- 1 to 6 years. I think that's a mite harsh, considering I've heard of sex offenders and the like getting out after stretches like that. However, I really haven't made up my mind about exactly where beaning a tri-somy t-ball player fits in on my sliding scale of repugnancy.

-Somebody from Fader has heard a whole bunch of new Nas jams, and managed to only devote something like 10 words to the fact that Chris Webber (yes, that Chris Webber) produced one of the tracks, wherein Esco remarks that Hattie McDaniel "couldn't go to the premiere of her own joint" and that "I know they were strong back then." Major head-exploding potential, in a sketch comedy kind of way.
Jump-shooting power forwards and "some african dude" aside, Mr. Jones seems to be intent on backing himself with as much radio ready production as possible- he's got a bunch of Scott Storch, Dre, Kanye and Salaam Remi. Guests from Snoop, Kanye and Damien Marley. I don't know exactly where Nas is going with all this, but it seems like he is usually the only one who does. Frankly, I think noixe is going to have a field day pondering the future of New York rap with Nas going all Bangalore with his team.

-Also, don't let me forget to beat you over the skull with the fact that Philadelphyinz is rocking Transit this Saturday. Recognize.