Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A fat bag of dust plus the biscuit

Periodically the subject of "insane amounts of gun violence in Philadelphia" comes up in this space. As a former GIS technician, I am particularly fond of a tool created by the ambulance chasers over at the Inquirer which allows you to geospatially analyze this years gat-clappings by race, age, time, sex and weapon. West Philly in the house (do you want more?)!

Check it out here.

This link comes to you courtesy of the blog RapSheet, which is a creation of two Inquirer police reporters. There are a fair number of interesting stories to be found there, but they jock the fuck out of the cops. There are a lot of criminals in Philadelphia, but the cops often give them a run for their money. Let's not forget the MOVE bombing and Rizzo's "army" or the recently discovered history of sexual extortion and misconduct by the department. I also suppose that the blog's writers, unlike me, have never been threatened by a Philadelphia police officer with a weapon for, basically no reason at all (scary story, ask me if you want).