Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blog Motivation

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Jeff's latest anti-Jeezy rant, as if it were written by Jeezy himself:

So the other day I was surfing these Internets (as Dubya likes to say) and came across this nugget of information (DEEEYUM). According to this article, Young Jeezy has recorded 114 songs for his new album (HA HA!). Now I might not be a rocket scientist but something tells me that it's practically impossible to write 114 songs for one album alone (JEEEAAAAAAAH). I mean Joy Division are regarded as one of the greatest bands of all-time and Ian Curtis only wrote 30 songs or so (CHEAH). So all this feat does is demonstrate Jeezy's phenomenal lack of talent (AAAYY). In order to write that many lyrics, you basically have to treat them as something disposable and absolutely devoid of any art (CHEAH). Or purchase the How-To-Write Rap Lyrics/Madlibs from Jadakiss (LET'S GET IT).

Inevitably, I'm sure that most, if not all, of Jeezy's 114 verses deal with three themes: 1) He's a hustler (wow...I'm so impressed) (HA HA!) 2. He likes cocaine ( does most of the population of Los Angeles...I wouldn't give any of them a record deal either) (AAAYY) and 3. He's a great rapper. (JEEEAAAAAAAH)

Clearly, this is what the world needs,another rapper proficient at rapping about how good he is at rapping (CHEAH). Listening to all 114 songs at once might actually make you a dumber person (CHEAH). No, scratch that. It will make you a dumber person (DEEEYUM).