Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday=Bengals, Monday=Bangles

For the second week in a row, the Steelers offense treated the football like it was a live hand grenade. In case you forgot, a live hand grenade belongs in one of two places: on the ground or in the hands of a defensive back. The defense was ferocious, but they couln't help but give up a few touchdowns- they started with their backs against the end zone on several occasions.

After the Jacksonville game I said that this team reminded me of the late 90s Steelers squads that couldn't outscore opponents that the D was limiting to 10 or 14 a game. The same was true yesterday. If things keep going this way, I can see the defense and the offense developing a bad locker room relationship.

In other news:
-Philadelphyinz was all we expected and more. Keep your eyes open for a report from Impulse Magazine's print version sometime this week or next.

-Ever think Zach Braff was a sentimentalist hack who represents the most forgettable indie-pop elements of our generation (and might try to fuck your girlfriend)? Well, your boy said that Garden State was "a big, life-affirming, state-of-the-union address for twentysomethings." Deez nuts. However, I must admit that in my big, life-affirming state-of-the-union address I often inform the congress that my administration intends to bed down a bunch of top-shelf actresses. My administration also intends to put mescaline in the drinking water, make Schooly D the secretary of the interior and make teriyaki the national flavor. Slate's Josh Levin has some beef with Braff.