Monday, September 25, 2006

some good supedome

Welcome back Saints.

I like the Drew Brees story, how he's really entrenched himself in the New Orleans community (although I take issue with the assertion that he's eating beignets, that's some tourist shit).

I also like these shirts, and how Theismann spend a good five minutes blaming the turf for Bush not making a cut right.

I even like this game. Shame about DeAngelo Hall, but both teams are making some plays. If the score was closer it might even make up for a generally disappointing week of football (whatup Colclough).

What I don't like is the U2 & Greenday Encore (tm), although at least they got New Birth up there. Irma Thomas and Allen Toussaint's anthem was a nice touch (especially because Toussaint was in the Super Dome after Katrina), but the exclusion of all things Cash Money from the celebration is a travesty. Especially on the eve of the release of Like Father, Like Son. Please note that Lil Wayne is not really Baby's son, it's just the strangest gimmick ever.

And though I like Spike Lee and I like what he said, I don't like its implications. "Four hours, then back in a FEMA trailor. That's not nice." It's a shame we couldn't get a Kanye moment out of him, although this isn't exactly about black people. Even if nobody responded to Theismann's idiotic "well look how nice the downtown is!" comment, there's been a notable lack of talk about how much is left to be done. It's a little early to be celebrating victory over Katrina.

So in honor of the Cash Money Millionaires, (current and former), and in recognition of all that's still a hot mess down in Nola, peep Juvenile's harrowing video for "Get Yo Hustle On".

But enough of that cranky shit. Geaux Saints!

UPDATE: DJ Jimi is actually suited up as the third string cornerback for the Saints.