Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The New

What's up people? My name is Milo. I used to write a blog called Mo Cash. It was pretty fucking amazing, not going to lie. Anyhow, my buddy Skinny invited me to guest appear on his blog and I kindly accepted. About six months ago. Now I'm finally posting, but look, shit happens, life gets busy, and blogging isn't much of a priority.

As a OG blogger coming back to the scene, I need to get this off my chest: What the fuck is a podcast and why the fuck are people sweating them so? Aren't they nothing more than long Mp3 files that people disguise as these hip, trendy & informative mixes only available through Itunes? Fuck Itunes. Windows Media Player bitches. Even though the visualizer is ghetto as hell, it doesn't ask me for my credit card number and entice me with .99 cent downloads that make me forget I have soulseek.

Well, things change, and now bloggers are being taken very seriously (I guess, people make fun and satirize them so they must be important, kind of like the Jews or New York Knicks.) I'm broke and drunk and way into the prospect of writing shit and getting a CD made or getting invited to write a column at some fucked up low budget hiphop magazine like XXL.

So here's my plan of action: Hit you with a fresh as mix of good music every week. If I can't do that, I'm sorry Noixe and I'm sorry other guy on this blog (wassup whoadie) and I'm sorry to everyone who reads this even though you probably skimmed through this and didn't really pay it much mind and won't be hurt in the long run which I'm totally OK with because as long as nobody's caring, nobody's crying. So yo, heds up.