Thursday, September 21, 2006

let's just talk about hos

Dolph *heart* Chad.

Let's be frank about it, Chad Johnson's new haircut (you can do it too!) makes him look like 80's art-pop star Grace Jones. Some of you may know her from A View to a Kill, in which she bones Christopher Walken. The macaca mohawk, dyed blonde especially, is sort of electroclash though, innit? Dude's gone from Dade County gold fronts to Williamsburg, Brooklyn circa 2001.

But it might not be his fault. As this video suggests, Chad's not great with the clippers.

(What do you have to do to get Chad Johnson to cut your hair? Is this what you win in the Cincinnati Police Department if you make it through the year without a racial profiling lawsuit?)

And just for good measure, HUGH!!.



-The Pittsburgh Steelerettes
A ridiculously in-depth look back to the days when the 'Lers had cheerleaders. Let's be reasonable, the women of western Pennsylvania leave much to be desired, and the Steelers Nation is perfectly happy to cede camera time to the finer women of Miami or Philadelphia (barring The Republican, nahmean?). But it's good to know we tried.

-AFC East QB's as the ladies of Food Network
Pretty much spot on, except for the assertion that Paula Dean is the only unattractive one of the bunch. Rachel Ray is a beast. She looks like she's melting. (And I just gotta point out that Giada De Laurentiis looks like you could juice lemons on her breasts.)

-Would You Do Bonnie Bernstein?
HELL no.

Now that I've alienated our small but loyal female readership, I'm gonna go listen to Le Tigre. KHYBER TOMORROW.