Monday, September 04, 2006

have to fly alone

Trackademics f/ Nchimunya - So High

The news didn't make its way through my brain for about six hours. I had been at McCarren Park Pool (more later) for the bulk of the day, and was still nicely toasted at about midnight on a roof in the lower east side, when someone I had just met dropped the bomb that we will be out a starting QB come Thursday. And then I woke up at 6 AM and woke my girlfriend up to tell her. Her response was a resounding "fuck." Is this bad? Sure. We're also going to be down one Hines Ward. But we haven't had the running game that made us the Best Team in the World all season, and a small army of pundits still think we're the team to beat.

Let's put this in perspective. At a given moment, the Steelers' quarterback job has, for the last two years, been filled by either the greatest rookie quarterback story in football history, or Tommy Maddox. All quarterbacks do not fall into one of these two categories: somewhere in the middle is Charlie Batch. Remember dude?

He beat the Packers and the Browns last year. Plus he's from Homestead. Backing him up is Brian St. Pierre, who, as you may have noticed, is also not Tommy Maddox, and for me, that's enough. By the same logic, we could also have signed mustachioed United Nations ambassador John Bolton, or Indian hipster comic Aziz Ansari, and I would be comfortable, but I'm willing to give Saint P a shot. Besides, the Pirates have the monopoly on ridiculous sports transactions in our fine city.

As for the lack of smiley half-Korean receivers, look on the bright side: this could be first step towards getting the ball into the finely-manicured hands of "British citizen Marvin Allen". Yinz want a spot of tea'nat?