Thursday, September 28, 2006

for tonite

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Yola on a quad, which needs no further caption.

I'm pouring up a big cup of that lean for MJD, who shouts out my drank anthem of choice, Frayser Boy's "I Got Dat Drank" in his Terrance Kiel post (although let's clear up his statement about tracks that mention promethazine).

That pic up top is of D.G. Yola aka Yola da Great. I only heard like three songs by him, but if you missed out on "I Aint Gon Let Up" and all its steel drum glory this summer, get familial. Dude's signed to TI's Grand Hustle label now, which is old news, but I mainly wanted an excuse to post up that picture.

Overall it's been a big week for rap, with Lupe and Luda both dropping. Still aint heard the Lupe, but the Luda is pretty good, especially for a Luda album. There's still some fluff but all the jams where he's just really salty at the world are awesome. He has this sort of blue-collar Dad-rap appeal right now, replacing rapping about the insane grind of selling crack with the insane grind of running a record label, talking about taking care of his employees. I swear there's even lines about insurance. Also, there's a spaced out creeping track with Field Mob ("Satisfaction") and the long-overdue rappers-in-jail posse cut with Pimp C, Bun B and Beanie Sigel ("Do Your Time").

Speaking of Beanie Sigel, FADER has a couple of extensive interviews up right now, one with him and the other with Young Jeezy. Beans dishes on his contentious relationship with both Jay-Z and Dame Dash, which is ok, but not as whoa as the details on his upcoming musical endeavours. Dude talks about working with Dre and Vidal, who produced "Goodies" and "Caught Up," probably not coincidentally two of my favorite R&B jams from the last two years, and recording and touring (!!!!!) with a live band. It's real 1998 to get amped about rapping over real music (especially after seeing SO MANY BAD ROOTS BITERS...everyone that went to college in the last 7 years, I know you feel me), but Beanie's beat selection and aesthetics make this pretty freakin intriguing. Aspirations of working with live musicians from a dude whose last album relied on suicidal old soul ballads? If they get the studio game right (DON'T MIC THE DRUMS PLEASE), this could be amazing (if it ever actually drops). Jeezy's interview is less insightful, but he lays down some of that so-true-it's-almost-dull talk about what he feels his shit represents--"how much of the truth people want to hear, that's a different question"...nice.

Oh and Justin Timberlake...I still aint heard FutureSex or whatever it's called, but the homey Jeff has heard Timberlake and has some insights on it. I don't entirely agree with his racial angle (see my comment at the bottom of the post), but the parallels he finds are interesting.

I saw Ladytron (awesome) and CSS (slightly less awesome, but mostly because the sound in Webster Hall is straight doo-doo), and while I saw at the show, I had the great idea to have a tattoo artist at my merch table when I'm famous. Selling shirts, CD's and tats. Brilliant. And I remembered that hilarious idea when I saw this girl with some Game ink. No, no, no, no.

Kardinal Offishal has a new tape out. In case you were preturbed by the continued dominance of Swollen Members (ayo!) of the Canadian rap scene, please to cop that tape and have your faith in the rap world of the great white north restored.

Robert Downey Jr. to play Ironman. Guest starring Adrian Brody as Trife. Just kidding.

And one last note on football. Remember the Native American dude from Super Street Fighter II? And how he had that move where he'd headbutt you? Well he's playing safety for the Steelers.

Nice hit, get that man a stripper funeral when he goes.