Tuesday, September 19, 2006

chicken moose rhino monkey

Mista Don't Play.

Cousin Cole - Chicken Moose Rhino Monkey

I'm not just naming classic Project Pat albums for fun. That's some advice. Don't Play. Sit your christ-fearing ass down unless you can actually throw a pass.

So in lieu of talking about last night's atrocity, enjoy that track up there by wacky funster Cousin Cole. He made some noise last month with his "Atlantic Records TI Clearance" stunt, and now he's made a B-more-esque joint out of samples of Project Pat talking about animals. Let Project Pattuh ease your pain.

Bonus Project Pat-related point: I don't know who introduced the defense for Jacksonville last night, but he looked a lot like Project Pat. He was, however, no Joey Porter.