Saturday, September 30, 2006

bought myself a gray guitar

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Mike Jones - Mr. Jones

Out the gate, it's a damn shame this doesn't flip Counting Crows. After Pimp C rhymed over Tom Petty for "I'm Free" and Young City (aka Choppa from Making Tha Band) used "Losing My Religion," I was hoping there would be some kind of 90's rock trend. "Mr. Jones" is due, as is "Hey Jealousy" and Collective Soul's "Shine." Shit, I used to spin "Lakini's Juice." That was the jam.

Meanwhile, "Mr. Jones" is just confusing. Seriously, this shit is a mess. A choir, not even a children's choir, but really a bunch of people singing about how Mr. Jones has a shotgun, but you'll never catch him, and how you're alone because all your friends want to ride with Mr. Jones. Huh? And dude still sounds like Mike Jones, but I only counted one repeated line. And like two "ice ages." And he jacks Shawnna's flow (just like Young Joc did on "It's Goin Down" and T.I. did on "Back Front Back"...just sayin). I can't figure out this beat, which falls somewhere between "Cold As Ice" (Journey or M.O.P. will work) and, what, Aerosmith? That guitar rev doesn't belong in the same track as those keys. And fuck them "Eleanor Rigby" strings too.

On the bright side, the Rick Ross Subliminal Diss Watch continues. Will Rawss get heated about "I got a white on white, I call that bitch Rick Ross"? We can only hope.