Thursday, September 07, 2006

batch ramifications

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Well that happened. Way to get it done, boys. At this rate, why rush Ben? Are we really afraid of Jacksonville? They only made the wild card last year because their schedule included no fewer than five home games against all-girl Catholic high schools. Shit, let's just start Batch every game from here on out. We'll treat Ben like the Draw Four/Wild card in Uno.

See, you hold the Draw Four/Wild until you need it. If you can win without it, you don't use it. But if you're in a jam, you bust it out and drop a train on your opponent. So I say we start Batch and only use Ben if we get down by a couple scores. Watch for falling trains, chumps!

Speaking of injured quarterbacks, you gotta wonder if the Chiefs massive were actually a little excited when Robert Geathers let his shoulder lean all over Trent Green, thinking Damon Huard could be the next Roethlisberger. It's like burning down your house to get the insurance money.

Why is The King playing for yonder Buzzsaw this year? Future investment in the Pink Taco franchise?