Monday, August 21, 2006

[Your name here] be sippin rum out of Stanley Cups

I just got that familiar feeling again. No not the burning, the other one. The feeling that the Pittsburgh Pirates did something really fucking stupid and they are about to get exposed. If Tom Glavine's pending blood clot test (rasta joke here) comes back positive and he has to sit down for the season or life or whatever the case may be, which lefty do you think is going to take his place in the rotation? Odds are it will be one of two former Pirates- Dave Williams or Oliver Perez.

Do I even have to explain beyond this point? In October, when the Mets run through the entire National League like a little plastic sword in a jar of olives, who do you think is going to throw a few 8 inning, 12 strikeout, 1 run games? If it's Dave Williams, I guess I can live with that. But you know as well as I do that it won't be Dave Williams.

I know Perez was bombing so bad that it became untenable to keep him, but sometimes I think the Pirates need to do exactly the opposite of what they think the "obvious move" is. I mean, that hasn't been working out so well for them for the last, oh, 14 years. I hate the Pirates so much.

In a related story, Steelers season opens in 16 days.