Thursday, August 31, 2006

Now my helmet's on, you can't tell me I'm not in space

The Bob Dylan cult of personality is rolling on with the release of his new album. I don't even know where to begin with Dylan. I respect him as a musician, but I think he is massively overrated. He made some good albums, he had his moment and he personified a short but important era in western music for white people. He rolled up like a cocky downtown hybrid of Van Ronk and Seeger and got the Hammond blessing- which is, in retrospect, a blank check for your liberal-guilt-genius quotient. Thus he was deified and, like the Grateful Dead he attracted a cult-like following incommensurate with his importance and the scale of his past success (that's not quite fair though, the Dead are way, way shittier than their following implies. I'll take Dylan's Christian shit over the Dead any day. Shit, I'll take Hall and Oates over the Dead).

If there's anything corduroy-wearing people all over the world can agree on, it's that Bob Dylan is a total fucking genius. The problem is that Bob knows that this is what you think (man-crush!), and now he is running on about 40 years worth of ego-maniacal asshole fumes. He hates you, but he can't live without you.

Like I said, I think Dylan is OK. It's just that there are plenty of other people out there that I think are as good as he is. They may not have blazed trails as hard as he did (in truth or in legend), but I like them just as much. Even if I thought Dylan the king, he's such a contemptuous asshole that I can't like him too much.

[If anybody read this blog, all sorts of sanctimonious somebodies would be trying to tear me a new one right about now.]

-In case you didn't read the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning and you, uh, want me to read it for you, here's some stuff:

-A slide show of some pigs flying around in helicopters and making sure the Lehigh party scene is dry as hell this fall.

-10 people got shot in Philly last night, including two with one bullet. Still, nothing colorful enough for a JS2000 Philly Crime Vignette. If you're gonna shoot motherfuckers, don't forget to renaissance it.