Monday, August 07, 2006

I enjoy to make with the move it move it

So noixe used the day three days short of his birthday to totally shirk responsibility, foist mundane tasks onto his friends and make everybody listen to all his crappy ass records. Seriously, though, it was fun. Rockwell did his thing. I met an Argentine guy who talked a cabby into letting him drink in the cab by talking about soccer. Noixe and I annoyed everybody by communicating only in the form of Russian-accented rap lyrics. I saw a fat, bald hipster in hotpants. I walked up innumerable tenemant steps. I saw a Chinese man actually dressed like the racist stereotype of a 19th century Chinese man. As per usual, New York was simultaneously as cool and as dumb as possible all the time. I don't know how to deal. New York, you're awesome, fuck you.

P.S. Word verification upon posting this: "odehj" Ode to a Hand Job.

P.P.S. That robot is wearing Nikes. Yeah dots.