Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hit da flo like a maniac

While reading the Netflix user reviews of John Lurie's seminal faux fishing show "Fishing With John," I came accross this gem:

"Having expected to see FISHING, I found this the most offensive, ridiculous movie I have ever seen. The "absurdist" humor escaped me and the referneces to "woodies" totally out of place. And I am not a prude. My professional fisherman friends couldn't finish watching it either. Total piece of crap....don't waste your time!"

Obviously not a Tom Waits listener. For those of you who don't know 'bout "Fishing With John," musician John Lurie goes fishing with Tom Waits, Jim Jarmusch, Dub Defoe, Denny Hopper and Matt Dillon in exotic locales. Narration straight out of symphony-cast. On his ice-fishing escapade with Wilem Defoe, they can't catch anything and then "freeze to death" after they run out of toast-chee crackers. Brilliant. Not for non-music nerds or serious people. I remember Tom Waits putting a red snapper in his shorts at some point too.

Anyway, this got me thinking, somebody should hook me up with a marketing or programming rep at the Outdoor Life Network and/or BET. I've got an idea. It's called "Fishin' Wit' Jon" (I'm still considering "Fishin Wit' Jawn). Here's what I have so far:

Episode 1: Host Lil' Jon goes fishing with Cam in the Harlem River. Wearing unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts and sippin' gin, they keep losing lures. Eventually they seek out a local guide (Marco) who they dispatch to pick up a box of Garcia Vegas. More fishing, no luck. Marcos returns with blunts. While Lil' Jon rolls the kill, Cam catches a severely undersized smallmouth bass. They decide to retire to the limo and wash up for the evening.

The next morning they drive to Jersey and rent a small deep water yacht and a middle aged white guide from Bayonne...OK, this is where I ran out of ideas, but you see where this is going. It's going to take the campy irreverence of indie fake nature shows and integrate this with, uh, Lil Flip. Holla at me if you got backing for this.