Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Got dem internets

-The Cinci Bungles are the worst Johnny Cash song ever. "Who dey?" "Dey incarcerated." Insert joke about stripes here.

-JS2000 political analyst Dennis Coles reports a rumor that Joe Lieberman may be traded to the Republicans along with a 3rd round pick in 2008 for John McCain and future considerations.

-WhereHaveYouGoneAndyVanSlyke waxes poetic about the loss of Craig Wilson. Personally, I think Wilson should have been playing much much more over the last several seasons. Who cares if you strike out a zillion times? Until Bay came along, nobody else was going to hit 30 homers. How on earth do you let a .250-30-90 guy rot on the bench when you're losing 100 games a year? Anyway, the Pirates are in this vicious cycle where they presume that they won't win for at least three years, by which time Player X will be too old and a prospect will be due to replace him anyway. Guess we have to trade him. I feel bad for Craig Wilson and players like him. Losing really beats you down. The truth of it is: you can't have guys who only know how to lose showing your young guys how to play. I'm glad he got sent to the Yankees, where he can go to the playoffs and lose.

As for Chacon, the jury is still out on any pitcher who has spent most of his career pitching at Coors Field. We'll see. As with all these things, I'm not optimistic. Let me sum my thoughts on the Pirates by saying I'm going to put aside some time today to input all of this season's Steelers games into my Outlook calender at work.

-Piggybacking on that last thought: now that they're playing NFL preseason games again, I have already had the opportunity to use the following line several times:

Eagles fan: blahblahblahblah[sarcastically]Steelers.blahblahblah.
Me: Oh, wait. Did you win the Super Bowl last year?

I plan to milk this real hard. Milk it, milk it real hard. Like many of you, I can't stand the Eagles (or any other team located inside or close to the territorial boundaries of New Jersey) or their fans. I think my NFC team from here on out is going to be the Redskins (unless Clinton Portis is in any way disassociated with the team). I also like the Cardinals because Deshea Townshend once mistook Ryin Gaines for Larry Fitzgerald in an elevator.

P.S. That picture at the top of the page is Clinton Portis' mom.