Tuesday, August 01, 2006

free yayo

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rush rush.

Thanks to The Realests for uncovering the man whose mother was over 15 years ahead of her time with the grammar. I mean, one has to wonder if Northeastern wide receiver Ayo Yayo's middle name is "what it do."

Dude sounds like he should be cold lampin with Count Chocula, Boo Berry and the much maligned Fruit Brute, although I can't fathom a marketing scheme that would make a cocaine-themed breakfast cereal acceptable. Until that fateful day, our man Yayo will be "drawing, listening to music" and catching bombs from a fivesome of quarterbacks with inferior names.

And Mrs. Yayo--whoa--good lookin out in opting for "Ayo" instead of "No Homo," even if the name "No Homo Yayo" garners its possesor instant membership in the Diplomats.


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