Tuesday, August 22, 2006

another armed robbery

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I saw Snakes On A Plane last night, about twelve hours after reading Chuck Klosterman's dissection of said movie. There's not much to add to his article; Snakes was supposed to be a "bad" movie, not surprisingly, it was just bad. That is, the entertainment value of this movie, including Samuel L. Jackson's inclusion in the project, is limited to the 10 second laugh somebody got from "wouldn't it be funny if Samuel L. Jackson..." and the 15 second laugh somebody else got from "yo they're actually doin it!" In execution, Sam Jack is perfect for the role, as is Julianna Margulies as the level-headed flight attendant who saves the day. And not perfect meaning bad, but perfect meaning good. You can't make a b-movie with a-list talent (ok b+-list, but don't front on ER).

DJ Gallo is pretty sorry on the joke tip, but his thoughts on Little League in his latest column are more or less the same ones I had about Snakes. Little League isn't Little League anymore because everyone can actually play ball. It's just another level of the minors. Where are the errors? Why isn't the coach's son, with his Christian Guzman-like abilities, leading off? Why aren't the winners being taken to Pizza Hut? Where's the flannel-clad kid on the bench who hurt his neck headbanging to Nirvana last night? Without these touches, you're just playing a much much lesser form of professional baseball. And, yet, if Aaron Durley skipped a game because he was grounded for throwing cherry bombs at the neighbors' dog, it still wouldn't be Little League. True Little League (whatup Chapel Hill Parks and Rec!), like every cult clasic out there, is a beautiful mess. You can't force it.



-I'll Sleep When You're Dead.
El-P blogs the making of his new album. A misreading of a list of guests on the album gets me wondering what kind of beat you make for a largely ignored Royals slugger. (Probably a very sad one.)

-Ian returns to blogging, writes game-changing assessment of indie criticism today.
Stab Paris Hilton.

-Santonio Holmes related to Fred Taylor.
In other news, my phd will be a quest to find the gene responsible for a broke-ass hamstring.

-Raul Mondesi, electricity thief.
Homeboy, your hair is fucking awful.

-The cover of Lupe Fiasco's album is insane.
This will not be my last word on this subject.