Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wrong address

Sometimes, an utterly perfect conception can go so horribly wrong (or 'orribly, for our British readership). T-Pain- heir to the Bootsy and Roger throne, P-Thug south- on a collabo with Mike Jones. I know this track's been out for a while, but I don't have cable and didn't get a chance to see the visual incarnation of "I'm In Love With a Stripper." I can appreciate the (unintentional) irony of Flashdance aesthetic and the sort of Rosario Dawson, girl-next-door stripper thing. But I don't know how I totally missed this before: this track is phoned the fuck in. The beat is straight Zelda in a bad way. T-Pain makes a lot of what I can only describe as musically poor choices. Mike Jones' verse...let's just leave it at "But I can't even lie, the girls in here so fly."That got me thinking, have we been giving too much leash to some careers set off in the last year or so? That shit just flew by me and I didn't even notice. Not only has Mike Jones made the track "I'm In Love With a Stripper," but he has also made it possible (according to his website) to "call" him at 281-330-8004 or IM him at WHO2813308004. I was all like "Mike, this shit is gettin way out of hand. Remember when you used to wile out guesting on people's shit and all you ever did was talk about drank?" I tried to call Mike Jones to sort this all out, but nobody picked up.

All this is enough to make a man totally forget he has a buffalo chicken hoagie in the fridge. So I took a little break, put on the Teddy Pendergrass LP I just copped and tried to sort this out over a sandwich. Then I realized, I can't get mad at MJ. He knows where he's been::

By the way, who is
this Mike Jones?