Friday, July 07, 2006

travelin man

I got a lot to do.

Off to the 314 tomorrow to clean my old house, recover my bike and go kick it with, among other heads, Trackstar. The kid is, as usual, making all types of moves and to detail them here would not do them justice. At the very least, peep Family Affair, the first artist on Track and Tech's label, Real Nice Records*. Dude will be spinning at Halo tomorrow night and you can probably find me there at some point.

Included on this weekend's de facto soundtrack...

Ya Boy - 100 Bars

I realized why I like Ya Boy so much, and it's the same reason I like JR Writer. I'm really into good punchline rappers who take themselves entirely too seriously. Not like dudes who truly are pushing limits and are fully aware of the deal. I'm talking above-average emcees with good lines who rap with a swagger like they are the second coming of Rakim. This is a tough style to maintain because you have to be consistantly good without being innovative. Rappers like Papoose and 40 Cal** who take themselves incredibly seriously but just aren't that good, well, they're just kind of sad. Anyways, this is Young Ya Beezy on some it-don't-stop cypher shit over "G Thang."

Motion Man f/ Mistah FAB - I Crack Tall Ones

From the upcoming Pablito's Way. Motion is like a slightly more normal version of Kool Keith, with the same you're-laughing-with-him-but-he's-not-laughing steez that has him rapping earnestly about needing a vacation and then about cold pimpin (to wit, check his collab as Clifton Santiago with Kool Keith aka Keith Televasquez on Black Elvis). Motion also rocks Keith-inspired 1989-ish rhymecentric tracks; his 2001 debut, Clearing the Field, had joints called "Straight Flowin On Em" and "We Work Styles***" (with Keith).

Clearing the Field also had a collaboration with E-40 ("Reason 2 Panic") back when the only emcees fuckin with 40 were those trying to get on compilations with Pen and Pixel covers****. Motion is a Yay Area dude and thus we get Mistah FAB showing up and rapping like it's 1998 on the back end of this malt anthem. Not that the ubiquitous Fabby Davis would turn down a chance to rap on anything, but I like how he brings that Wake-Up Show flow instead of his stewie yadadamean scraper remix style. Too $hort shows up too, on some Ant Banks-esque cadillac shit circa 1992.

Pablito's Way is dropping this month (?) on Threshold.

The Federation - I Wear My Stunna Glasses At night

Check this track, Catchdubs and Ayres's "Tell Me When To Go" B-more remix and the "Husslin" remix and you pretty much have the last four months of blog rap covered. Is this stupid? Yeah. Will I spin in the next three months without playing this? Hell no.

Side note, as rappers, The Federation are growing on me. I always liked Doonie***** but Stressmatic's "matic-matic" catchphrase isn't getting as old as I thought it was. The first Federation album was like snorting crushed up lines of Spree and cocaine, but if dudes mellowed out a tiny bit, they might have a 7 or an 8 in their reach. We'll see.

Maze - Travelin Man

Because it's the fucking jam.


*a resurrected form of the label Track and I failed to launch a couple years ago, its only legacy being a grip of unused stickers and some website drama, which is why there's no link.

**40 Cal needs to think in terms of quantity, not quality. There's a lot of potential there and lines like "I make your father cop like Carl Winslow" and "if you flip like T-Mobile, I can make you a Sidekick" are genuinely nice, the kind of shit Big L would be spitting were he still alive and rapping about crack (I got my own theories about where L would be and what this would mean for Harlem/Dipset, but that's for another post), but too many of 40's punchlines are on some "my gun bigger than (large object)" or something equally inane.

***I was originally just gonna write that these tracks have names like "we work styles" or some shit, but then did the knowledge and realized that track actually exists.

****Back when I got shit for playing "1-Luv" on my college radio show because it was "commercial rap," so I stole the fucking record. Let em know mayne.

*****Does anybody rep where they used to live harder than Doon Coon? Dude's always talking about how he's from Alabama. Maybe they give him shit for reppin the Bay when he wasn't born there.