Friday, July 14, 2006

RIP Billy Dee

Frankly, I don't know how I missed this, but has a hell of a sports section. Case in point, peep their scathing critique of those awful New Era hats that make 10 year olds from Scarsdale look like they were raised in North Philly by parents with a cruel sense of humor. Furthermore, the article is written by somebody calling himself Pablo Goldstein.

Now, for the most racist thing I've heard in Philly for like 72 hours...A Northern Liberties community group has put a motion through the zoning board that bans 40s from being sold in that neighborhood. To quote: "In addition to Colt 45, the deal bans the sale of Crazy Horse, Old English 800, St. Ides and Silver Thunder, as well as other malt liquors in 40-ounce bottles, which it described as 'nuisance beers,' that are 'not consistent with an upscale image.'" I don't know if this accounts for growlers of raspberry double bock in excess of said amount, but I do know that the high-gravity beverage lobby is losing ground north of Vine Street. There are plenty of bad jokes I could make about the blackened catfish at Ortlieb's or putting Keith Haring labels on Slurricane to sneak by, but let me leave it at this: Billy Dee Williams is probably rolling over in his grave right now. What? He's not dead? The fuck he ain't!

Lastly, it's been a while since I dedicated any space here to shameless self promotion. So for all you 215ers, here goes:


DJ Apt One and Kenny Raw at Tech Support
The Bubble House (34th and Sansom)

Funk, soul, electro disco, hiphop etc etc.

$3. 10PM-2AM.

DJ Apt One at the Southern Comfort Music Experience
Limelight Lounge Second Stage, Penn's Landing, Festival Pier (Spring Garden St.)

Other acts include: The Flaming Lips, De La Soul, Ozomatli and locals Lord Flex and the A-Sides.

Free. My set 6:30-7.