Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Crackheads don't want no Don Johnson VitaminWater!

A new, "Large-sized" edition of "Whoadie Got Crates" is in the works, that'll be manifest real real soon. Until then, here's some stuff I learned recently (a lot of it from deadspin.com, where I've been perusing the archives quite regularly):

-Mega-Churches are a bewildering, frightening racket.

-Here's somebody with a pessimistic outlook for the Steelers in '06. Let's get him.

-There is apparently a real estate agent in South Philly (at least according to a real estate sign I saw, if that can be taken as gospel) named Tony Mecca. I was gonna say "get this man a rap crew immediately!!" but after a little "research" I realized that Tony Mecca is in fact a musician as well as a real estate agent, and he appears to have been the leader of many (his word) "legendary" bands in Philadelphia that I have never heard of. Not as icy as once predicted.

-Surprising as it may sound, I had nothing to do with this: 10th and Wolf, a movie about the power struggle after the RICO conviction of South Philly's Little Nicky Scarfo, was shot in Pittsburgh. There's irony in there somewhere.

-Inspired by McSweeney's baseball roster of fictional serial killers, The Postmen drop an all-time baseball roster of rappers. Highlight: "[SS Kanye West's] infectious confidence would rub off well on a team. (Like Derek Jeter, only less gay.)"

-Everybody sing! "These are the people in my neighborhood, these are the people in my neighborhood!"