Saturday, July 29, 2006

the boss

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So Port Of Miami leaked this week and it turns out "Hustlin" was sort of a red herring. Given "Hustlin," Port Of Miami should have been this gigantic major motion picture of an album. John Woo shit. Grenades. Not so, but it's cool. There's still gangsterism for days but Port sounds a lot more like the much-circulated "Blow," all space age Miami twilight, pimp reflections and Dre on the hook. And it's a better look for Ross anyways. Although establishing the fucking deal quite convincingly in the first line (a) of "Hustlin," no shortage of rappers work hard to convince the listener of their status. Real bosses such as Rick Rizzle have nothing to prove, skipping right past the street to the penthouse. Tracks like "Blow" and "Boss" conjure images of Rick Ross sitting around in a robe all day counting money, getting dome and, like, taking mad naps while Dre croons in the background. I usually hate sex jams (b), but somehow "Hit U From The Back" is my shit right now. The headsnaps aren't all soft ("White House," "I'm Bad," "Cross That Line"), but the soft shit is all way above average creampuffs (c).

My only big complaint (aside from the always regrettable presence of Jazze Pha (d) is that the "Hustlin" remix got tweaked. The original version went Jay-Jeezy-Ross and the new version switches Ross and Jay. Instead of a Jigga cosign/bonus post-retirement verse and a Ross feature (the main event at the end!), Ross goes first and Jay's rhymes don't hold the position.

But it's really whatever. I might even pay for this (after I buy Restless).

a) This is the most concise rapper mission statement since Ugly Duckling's "Fresh Mode."

b) White people fuck to trip-hop and indie rock. If I were to actually hear the phrase "hit you from the back" while doing that exact action, I would not be able to keep a straight face.

c) Them beard papa joints!

d) Let's be straight about it, dude sucks except when Ciara is involved.