Sunday, June 25, 2006

Woulda rocked the bells, but I'm more comfortable in straightlegs

"I am sick of the masquerade that indie hip-hop has become. This movement went from being a viable alternative to the genocidal garbage American media manufactures to a precious little copy of everything that is wrong with its AIDS infected big brother-commerical rap."

My long-time friend, musical colleague and roomate Dos Noun has decided to hang up his Nikes and quit the rap game. This is according to and a lengthy missive on his myspace blog lamenting the impact of underground rap's down cycle on his career and the unrequited sweat he has poured into his ceaseless touring and recording over the last several years. This all coincides with the cancellation of the remainder of his tour. Dos hasn't returned to Philly, although I know he will be here to perform with me at the SOCO festival July 16th with De La Soul - indicating that at most, he's a lame duck. I wouldn't deign to divulge the more personal aspects of Dos' personality which serve to buttress my opionion, but I won't hesitate to say that I don't think the rap world has seen the last of Daniel Buckley Meussig (and vice versa). That being said, I'd still watch out for the rapper-cum-neo-Bukowski in hardcover.