Thursday, June 01, 2006

Prelude to the jumpoff

With the International Fucked Up Haircut Festival AKA the World Cup coming up, I think I need to lay a sliver of knowledge on y'all in order to make it clear what's about to happen.

Uhh, yeah.

Youtube might be the single greatest repository of cultural information in the last 20 years. The pop culture vids and home videos combine to make it a really fascinating forum for observing cultural rediculousness with that elusive "two level effect." So on the one hand you get videos of people's cats wearing doll clothes. While on the same site you have seminal italo disco videos such as Orient Express by Wish Key, which features what I believe to be a cyborg woman wearing a trash bag doing calisthenic warm-ups. (Searching for "Orient Express" on Youtube also turns up the least captivating escort service commercial I've ever seen. Shit, all you have to say is "I can get you an Asian chick real, real fast.")

So in the process of all this italo video watching, I started doin some Youtube-centric research on a subject that will probably be the first grand brushstroke on the Just Sayin' canvas. Stay tuned.