Monday, June 12, 2006

Negative yoi

Four hundred thousand people were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident today.

I was in Pittsburgh this morning, watching the US get picked apart by the Czech's at the World Cup when my father came in from some errands and laid the news on me. Big Ben had his knot rocked in a bike crash. And, as had been the subject of previous controversy, he wasn't wearing a helmet. It couldn't have been ten minutes past noon, so the news was about an hour old. Apparently, the intersection where the crash occured (2nd and the 10th St. Bridge, outside the Armstrong Tunnels) was awash with royal blood and thronged with anxious spectators, according to G. Ryin. His head had made a massive dent in the windshield of the offending vehicle. As I am writing this, his condition has been described as "serious but stable."

If BB7's injuries are in fact debilitating, I can't help but think this may be a defining moment in the annals of Steelers fandom. The wunderkind leads the Steelers to the elusive promised land and then exits the stage as explosively as he had entered. Keep in mind he doesn't have to lose a leg for this to end his career- a serious concussion could do the trick (see: Troy Aikman, Steve Young, etc.,). He could merely miss a period longer than 7 weeks, resulting in mandated salary and signing bonus forfeiture and a fractured relationship with the team.

I suppose it's too early to speculate what the future has in store for BB7 and the 'Lers, but I'm flying my freak flag at half staff for the time being.