Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Here come the hot sauce

As a follow up to last week's World Cup "preview," we asked Dennis Coles, Just Sayin' 2000's summer intern, to put together some actual research on this year's final so that we could represent ourselves a little better. Dennis bailed after lunch and went to Canal St., so as a result JS2000 presents the irreverent IM syntax World Cup wig preview:

2:00 PM Noixe:,,720957,00.html
2:01 PM GentleWhoadie9000: yo, re: that site. ronaldo had the dumbest fucking hair last cup. just cause you're ill at what you do doesn't give you a right to wear a merkin on your dome

2:02 PM Noixe: yeah but some of those african dudes are the most famous people in their country
they can do whatever the fuck they want
they probably command the entirety of, like, the ivory caost to rock that shit
2:03 PM GW9K: that's true. but then again, those are countries where 15 year olds in blood diamond armies wear "Frankie Says Relax" shirts while they fire their AKs. some perspective
2:04 PM Noixe: so then how can you blame em for rocking merkins on their domepieces
their predicate status is irrelevant
2:06 PM GW9K: it just blows my mind when countries have national icons that look like they just got hazed by a lacrosse team
2:07 PM i would kind of like to see ronaldo with an emo cut, tho
Noixe: our national icons all look like they just robbed somebody
GW9K: like katie couric?
2:08 PM Noixe: totally
GW9K: in her triple x white tee with a big silk screen of her own grill on it
Noixe: and her homemade Trap or Die jacket
2:09 PM GW9K: big drank stain on it
By the way, the Beer Money Mixtape is still available for copping etc. Grab dat shit:
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