Sunday, June 11, 2006

cash rules

Ray Cash f/ T.I., Pimp C, Project Pat and Young Dro - Bumpin My Music remix
Young Cash f/ Paul Wall - Disco Ball

Pixburghers such as myself (and GW9K) are hard pressed to ride for anything from Cleveland. Ohio is pushing it, but while I will reluctantly give Cincinnati and Columbus their propers, I hate on Cleveland like Joey Porter hates on Todd Heap's knee. So let that emphasize how much I like the remix of Cleveland rapper Ray Cash's "Bumpin My Music."

For all the recent talk of swagger (and its subsequent jacking), Cash is adament and proud of being humble. Having an homage-fest as your big single makes that point clearly. The remix is even more humble. Dude goes first, playing the opening act for his own song, then the track ends with T.I. I like this a lot; Cash is a knock-off T.I., with the limber phrases and expressive enunciation, but without Tip's emotional and dynamic range. Having T.I. come in at the end and break down his philosophy of rap, complete with fatherly words of advice ("Cleveland gotta have your back!") is almost like Cash acknowledges where he got his flow. Now that's humble. Plus the real-time reference to "What U Know" and Chad and Pat's fresh from lock-down verses gives this remix the always welcome time capsule status.

Cash On Delivery drops later this month, I believe, and should have guest spots from Dipset and Beanie Sigel. I'm intrigued.

On the other side of the quality scale, we have Young Cash's "Disco Ball." Man it's been a long strange trek from Gravediggaz to where we are now. Gold teeth used to be this real gully form of jewlery, with all the flossiness, but with the added permanence and social rebellion of a tattoo (at least until Nas told us you can take them out, which one should do before enjoying a blunt). Then it became some unintelligable southern tradition. You could barely understand anything Juvenile said when he first broke through, and those sparse Cash Money videos cataloguing something--anything?--going on in the slums of New Orleans were so mysterious that you had to be missing something. Whatever you were missing probably explained why he thought it was a good idea to have platinum teeth. As the south kept pumping out stars, gold teeth started making sense as an aesthetic, but a few years ago, it would have seemed downright absurd that this southsploitation joint (peep the harmonicas) could have possibly existed.

We owe this great step forward to The People's Champ himself. Even when Lil Jon's icy grill was plastered all over MTV, suffice to say no matter how packed the strip club was, nobody to look like him, let alone his goofy-ass sidekicks. But then Paul Wall comes along, yadda yadda yadda, Brooke Hogan has a grill.

Yeah, his mouth looks like a disco bawwwwl.