Tuesday, May 09, 2006

She must be a special lady, and a very exciting girl.

The new CBS/New York Times poll just came out. The prognosis for the oligarchy: not icy. It appears that Keven Federline has better approval ratings than Bush and the Republican congress. Shit, when was the last time Bush knocked up Brittney twice in two years? In pretty much every category (national defense excepted, as per usual), people seem to have more faith in the Dems to solve the country's problems. Now all the Dems need to do in the midterm elections is not say anything and risk fucking it all up. I didn't say "not say anything stupid," I said "not say anything." I am full of dread waiting to see how they're gonna fuck this up. Two years ago, a Red Sox analogy would have been perfect here.

In other news, this is the season's best weekend (so far) to catch hot DJ nights in Philly. Dave P (Making Time, NYC), Tim Sweeney (DFA/Beats in Space, NYC) and supervillians Mike Trombley and Ron Morelli do the electro/garage disco/italo thing at Key West (Juniper and Walnut) on Thursday. Tech Support with Properganda and Kenny Raw at the Bubble House (34th and Sansom) on Friday and then Reagan Disco Headache at the Khyber (2nd and Chestnut) on Saturday with Star Eyes (XLR8R/Syrup Girls), Lauren Flax vs. Ron Morelli and Dave Elliott (FearlessVampireKillers) with Justin Jarboe.

My liver is currently in training.