Friday, May 19, 2006

reporting from the internet


-Our blue nation.
Speechless, proud, but not particularly optimistic.

-Bush dispatches the National Guard to defend the border with reality
"In last night’s address, the president took his case to the American people that Reality is “out of control,” and as a result he is dispatching “five schmillion” National Guard troops to patrol its border."

-Eugenics, here we come.

-smuggling a russian girl from Dubai to Riyahd
In the dashboard of a small car. Beats the backseat of a Volkswagon.

-live reenactment of the first level of Super Mario Bros
Glitch included.

-Dr. McNinja
When you need a doctor, or a ninja.

-Famous Sounds
Staples of modern pop music. Via catchdubs.

and, finally...

-"Husslin (remix)" - Rick Ross f/ Young Jeezy and Jay-Z
Underwhelming, but required listening.