Thursday, May 25, 2006

The "real" maple syrup everyone "grew up with."

So we've been letting down our small but loyal readership. Personally, I have been spending too much time making waffles and reading poetry. I promise to post more often.
Before I take the time to conjure up a fancy new piece of wordsmithing for yinz, let me take this opportunity to detail your weekend activities, gentle reader:

Thursday: The venerable Paradise at Key West nite with ye olde Mike Trombley and the return of evil supervillain Ron Morelli. 207 Juniper betwixt Walnut and Locust.

Friday: Wolfenschnitzletronwith Pony Pants, Count Robocula and the Rock Tits DJs at 1208 S.46th Street. If W'tron has not been made manifest all up in your grill, you should know that this is a band which plays toy instruments. Dat jawn is free, bring your own booze and a tire iron.

Saturday: The long awaited, highly anticipated DJ Apt One Birthday Classic Extravaganza 500 at Philadelphyinz sponsored by
Log Cabin syrup*. Skinny Friedman will be down from NYC, Burnso and I will press our magic stone amulets together to reformulate the powerful benevolent robot spirit the Myron Cope Experience. James Hart may attempt to cook something. Shit pops off at the Khyber, 56 S. 2nd St. (Between Market and Chestnut) from 9-2. $1 PBR until 11. There will be cake.

*Peep how Log Cabin's website contains a bullet point with the following sentence:
Log Cabin’s® strong heritage dates back to 1888, and is widely recognized as the "real" maple syrup everyone "grew up with."