Wednesday, May 31, 2006

might pull up in an armored truck

Saturday was like jeah. More visual evidence now available. Sparks-fueled Frayser Boy singalongs? Affirmative.

I went out to buy Killa Season today and inexplicably came home with Bad Tape Name #6 and Pick A Bigger Weapon. The latter, I just felt bad about giving my money to Cam (no small feat!) with Boots grillin me from the new release rack like that. As for the former, I think Rick Ross might actually do something worthwhile with this rapping stuff. I changed my mind about the "Hustlin" remix (how much better is this track without a Fat Joe verse?) and I been enjoying "Nike Airs and Crisp Tees" and that freestyle that's been goin around. His track on Southern Smoke 26 with Ty Cobb is yet another "Hustlin" bite (the hook is "I'm on my grind...I'm on my grind" least "Little Haiti" didn't use a synonym for hustlin), but Rick rips it pretty serious. He weighs 300 pounds and it's time to eat.

Note to Ty Cobb though. Naming yourself after a noted racist? Not the best of looks.

Speaking of which, Southern Smoke 26 is a little weak. Lil Jon aint doin it like he did a couple years ago, and the tape is teeming with ATL unessentials. There really is a track from one of the anonymous dudes from D4L. His name is Fabo and the track is called "Do the Gorilla." Yes, it sounds exactly like "Laffy Taffy" and its identical b-side. But that being said, the new Cube track, "Go to Church" is nasty, as is the "Gettin Some Head" remix. It apparently didn't make the store copy, but there was a track by a dude named Venny Outrageous called "Ass Cheeks On My White Tee" which I don't feel any need to speak upon further.

As ridiculous as that song name is the Evil Shriveled Old Texan Dude Alliance Competitive Enterprise Institute's new anti-global warming commercials. CO2: we call it ass cheeks on our white tees.