Monday, May 29, 2006

Everybody get off the porch!

Philadelphyinz flicks are up courtesy of They're not on the main site yet, so peep 'em hrrrr. I think MC OrangeBriefs will have some flicks of his own once he returns to NewYuck.

Various dispatches from the Just Sayin' newsdesk:

Just Sayin' Meat Watch:
The New York Times says: Pimp Your Grill. Yeah, they actually said "Pimp" it.

Just Sayin' Playground Battle Watch:
Watch Reed Dollaz from Southwest Philly
paint a picture of carnage.

Just Sayin' Conservative Watch:
The National Review has a list of the
50 Greatest Conservative Rock Songs, complete with explanations. Not only are most of the selections dumb as fuck (how could John Lennon or The Clash have ever written a "conservative rock song?"), but the little preamble cites such recent anti-Bush releases as the Stones' "Sweet Neo-Con" as a reason for creating the list, yet "Sympathy for the Devil" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want" manage to show up. Half the songs are from the 80s- tracks that merely make commentary about the fall of Communism.
Way to stick it to the liberal establishment by making a top 50 list consisting of misinterpretations of 49 songs written by known or likely liberals...and "Sweet Home Alabama," which, might I remind you, is a paean about the days those good ole days in Alabama when you could lynch somebody on your lunch break. If that's what you want to stand on, OK. Look, I don't really need to keep explaining myself here. All I need to say is: "Does this dude look like a conservative?"

Just Sayin' NFL Watch:
My main man, former Pitt and NFL running back Craig "Ironhead" Heyward died this weekend from a brain tumor. Dude was to linebackers what the Kool Aid Guy is to walls. ESPN's resident yinzer Len Pasquarelli has an obit

Just Sayin' Rapper Shooting Watch:
Beanie Sigel
survived his weekly shooting on Thursday night. Poignantly, he got shot on 22nd and Sigel St. The Inquirer really filled out the article by getting a load of candid quotes from Bean, including "I'm shot," "I'm cool," "Want to see it," Somebody robbin' me," and "They missed."

P.S. Ayyyy yo?!