Wednesday, April 26, 2006

they see me rollin

Welcome one and all to Just Sayin 2000.

My esteemed colleague GW9K has already given something like an introduction. Aside from absurd statements about our favorite zombie baseball players and making excuses for why we both still own this record, there will be some actual content.

First, blatant self-promtion:
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Aight then.

Chamillionaire f/ UGK - Ridin Dirty remix

There's no shortage of great shit about this song, but I want to talk about Koopa for a second. I saw him and Lil Flip at B.B. Kings a couple weeks ago. That dude has an ungodly amount of diamonds on his person and a good part of the crowd looked like dudes from Greenfield, and one of the poorly-mustachioed young men started yelling "fuck Paul Wall" when Cham did "N Luv With My Money." But the highlights of the show were a) when Chamillionaire shouted out Jon Caramanica, and b) when he threw a knot of dollar bills into the crowd to the tune of "Tell Me When to Go." I caught about $20 in one stack, and that covered my ticket. My girl also notes that she got Cham's autograph (on one of the throw Washingtons, of course), and afterwards got pushed out of the way by Young Greenfield, and told to 'get out my way, bitch.' Ahh, youth.

Anyways, it's not surprising that the hit from The Sound of Revenge would get the obligatory Texas remix (it got a New York remix with Papoose and Mano live at the show mentioned above), especially considering about half of Purple Codeine 5.5 is UGK remixes. And it's not surprising that Bun B doesn't sound like he's even trying anymore (probably because he's too busy ethering dudes). But what is surprising is when Pimp C unveils his new name: Tony Snow.

Choppin blades.

T.I. - Drive Slow

I wanted to throw this up too because it's really good. That's what's up.