Friday, April 28, 2006

pimp the pen

Witness the kid's rise from the internet with a short piece on MF Grimm on page 43 of this month's URB magazine. It was originally written on papyrus with the most expensive pen in the world, pictured above.

URB's website is circa 1998, so the piece isn't online (yet), but go boost one from your local Borders, because what the fuck did they ever do for you besides drive your favorite local book store out of business? Do it for the quirky, bespectacled owner of said bookstore (who may or may not be involved in an elaborate plan to pass British intelligence to the Russians, that's word to Graham Green).

If you have no beef with Borders and Noble, or anything else of the like, this issue is actually pretty good and might be worth your hard-earned ducats. Dipset is on the cover, and are there any interviews with Dipset that aren't worth reading? But do note that the #1 Philly bol Emynd is uncredited as "hipster rocking Dipset-referencing t-shirt." That's actually his shirt, and you can buy it from him.

Anyways, MF Grimm is coming out with a triple album called American Hunger, and you can hear some snippets from the single-cd, 60-track promo disc over at Unkut. I'll be uploading some of that goodness later on this weekend.