Sunday, April 23, 2006

Few Robots Partake of Jiggyness

Bienvenue a mon steez. I'm gettin' knee deep in the blog game and I refuse to do it half-assed. In case I do end up half-assin' it, please forget I said that. JustSayin2000 is in a rathor amorphous stage right now, but I think the best way to get rolling is to create a sort of on-the-fly flavor:

I forsee a melding of dusty vinyl, sports sections, matzoh balls, puns involving rappers' names, general socio-political yeah-yeahs and perhaps even a chance review of the season's wines.

My crystal ball forecasts complex metaphors involving Rob Mackowiak, Huey Long and purple drank.

I dream of cerebral disses on a number of heads and flavors- putdowns so nebulous that they come across as Woody Allen-esque self doubt (only using the word "dun").

Noixe might try to figure out which middle school Cam'ron went to.

All of this and more.