Friday, April 28, 2006

pimp the pen

Witness the kid's rise from the internet with a short piece on MF Grimm on page 43 of this month's URB magazine. It was originally written on papyrus with the most expensive pen in the world, pictured above.

URB's website is circa 1998, so the piece isn't online (yet), but go boost one from your local Borders, because what the fuck did they ever do for you besides drive your favorite local book store out of business? Do it for the quirky, bespectacled owner of said bookstore (who may or may not be involved in an elaborate plan to pass British intelligence to the Russians, that's word to Graham Green).

If you have no beef with Borders and Noble, or anything else of the like, this issue is actually pretty good and might be worth your hard-earned ducats. Dipset is on the cover, and are there any interviews with Dipset that aren't worth reading? But do note that the #1 Philly bol Emynd is uncredited as "hipster rocking Dipset-referencing t-shirt." That's actually his shirt, and you can buy it from him.

Anyways, MF Grimm is coming out with a triple album called American Hunger, and you can hear some snippets from the single-cd, 60-track promo disc over at Unkut. I'll be uploading some of that goodness later on this weekend.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Day old hummus and other delights

Apropos of nothing: Moustaches. Now I don't just rock facial hair for the irony of it all (more on that later). I wear a full on porn-stache circa 1982. I take that John Oates bol to the mat is what I'm sayin.

Crying babies, a quickened pace in the step of shorties on a nighttime sidewalk, poor aerodynamics. It's a dark and nefarious world that stache-heads inhabit. But let's level here, for some reason, about 4 years after I started rockin' the duster, it's back (in West Philly anyway). I personally blame a significant amount of the spot-blowing on this man (but all the same it could be this guy).

A cursory free association sesh turns up several important names: Giorgio Moroder (pictured above), Oates, the cover of the Band's self-titled LP, Freddie Mercury and more or less every notable mid to late 20th century blues player. So what are we to draw from this?

First, chances are, if you rock the 'stache, you are either gay (see: Mercury), make music most likely listened to by gay people (see: Moroder), from Philly (see: John Oates), Canadian or a suspected Canadian (see: The Band, Me) or you are excessively self-conscious. I think the majority of any current moustache "phenomenon" can be ascribed to factors 1, 3 and 5.

As for blues singers and African-American facial hair in general, I think it is best to treat that separately on account of profound differences in qualitative physiological factors and the resultant styling options.
Straight outta Riverside comes this nice little tidbit: "The mainstream today has little facial hair. A clean face implies conformity," said Dr. Carl L. Hart, a faculty member at the Department of Psychology at Columbia University in New York. "In the black community, it is still a sign of manhood." Freeway was right after all. Nuff said.

So is this resurgance for good or ill? I think the accompanying wave of Gram Parsons name-dropping and Drive-By Trucker listening is a net plus. No word on Nudie suits, but stay tuned I suppose. Also on the plus side, moustaches make for good father-son bonding (and a free copy of that lost Trane/Monk jawn). I can appreciate the wave of nostalgia for early 90s, southern-bred, journeyman middle infielders.
Not to mention the Charles Bronson. Negatives definitely include messy tuna-salad episodes and Adam Morrison. The 'Lers whooped up on Jake Plummer's Broncos in the AFC Championship, and I won't kick a man when he's down. Further inspection also throws salt on Paul McCartney, although I could think of plenty of other reasons to do so.

As for ironic 'staches, shit just ain't right. I know there is a volume of hate in excess of 10000 terralitres that could be dumped out right about now, but let it suffice to say that there is pretty much nothing that hipsters will be remembered for. The only thing I can think of is that hipsters have made America's nostalgia machine a monstrous instrument of capitalism- be it old records, old tee shirts, whatever. But in the three year interim period between being a kid and being a yuppie (the hipster domain), some choose to buy lots of Air Force Ones and belt buckles and listen to MC5. Fine, this isn't Communist China, where you have to listen to Peabo Bryson and wear overalls, but I refuse to let people rock mo
ustaches without acknowledgement or espousal of the ethos. It's kind of like when you're into Fairport Convention and then one day you go to the record store and you find out that a scratched copy of Liege and Leif is like 9 bucks now. You go home and just hope that no other white kids find out who Barbara Acklin is. I also hope Enya never becomes cool.

Oh, by the way:

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

they see me rollin

Welcome one and all to Just Sayin 2000.

My esteemed colleague GW9K has already given something like an introduction. Aside from absurd statements about our favorite zombie baseball players and making excuses for why we both still own this record, there will be some actual content.

First, blatant self-promtion:
-read my interview with A-Trak at Product Shop
-and then download this here mixtape I threw together: 1|2|3

Aight then.

Chamillionaire f/ UGK - Ridin Dirty remix

There's no shortage of great shit about this song, but I want to talk about Koopa for a second. I saw him and Lil Flip at B.B. Kings a couple weeks ago. That dude has an ungodly amount of diamonds on his person and a good part of the crowd looked like dudes from Greenfield, and one of the poorly-mustachioed young men started yelling "fuck Paul Wall" when Cham did "N Luv With My Money." But the highlights of the show were a) when Chamillionaire shouted out Jon Caramanica, and b) when he threw a knot of dollar bills into the crowd to the tune of "Tell Me When to Go." I caught about $20 in one stack, and that covered my ticket. My girl also notes that she got Cham's autograph (on one of the throw Washingtons, of course), and afterwards got pushed out of the way by Young Greenfield, and told to 'get out my way, bitch.' Ahh, youth.

Anyways, it's not surprising that the hit from The Sound of Revenge would get the obligatory Texas remix (it got a New York remix with Papoose and Mano live at the show mentioned above), especially considering about half of Purple Codeine 5.5 is UGK remixes. And it's not surprising that Bun B doesn't sound like he's even trying anymore (probably because he's too busy ethering dudes). But what is surprising is when Pimp C unveils his new name: Tony Snow.

Choppin blades.

T.I. - Drive Slow

I wanted to throw this up too because it's really good. That's what's up.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The inside dope (in condoms, in a stomach)

Philly fam, don't forget where you heard it first. This weekend, my former production company/traveling circus one-ups me. Friday- Ace Rock, Lif and Cage, Saturday- Ayres, Cosmo Baker Dj Eleven (the Rub). Haverfest, all weekend, all long. I wish I had that much dough to throw around when I ran things. EARLY!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Few Robots Partake of Jiggyness

Bienvenue a mon steez. I'm gettin' knee deep in the blog game and I refuse to do it half-assed. In case I do end up half-assin' it, please forget I said that. JustSayin2000 is in a rathor amorphous stage right now, but I think the best way to get rolling is to create a sort of on-the-fly flavor:

I forsee a melding of dusty vinyl, sports sections, matzoh balls, puns involving rappers' names, general socio-political yeah-yeahs and perhaps even a chance review of the season's wines.

My crystal ball forecasts complex metaphors involving Rob Mackowiak, Huey Long and purple drank.

I dream of cerebral disses on a number of heads and flavors- putdowns so nebulous that they come across as Woody Allen-esque self doubt (only using the word "dun").

Noixe might try to figure out which middle school Cam'ron went to.

All of this and more.

Friday, April 14, 2006

test post